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Abdella Law Offices was founded by the late Ernest (Ernie) Abdella in 1937. Through hard work and skill, Ernie became one of the leading trial lawyers in New York State and remained so until his death in 2006.

The firm's reputation for excellence is now carried on by George Abdella, who brings more than 45 years of experience to the practice, and Bob Abdella, who has been practicing law for more than 14 years.
In a day and age where reputations can be built artificially through television advertising, George and Bob Abdella have acquired their reputation through hard work, dedication to their clients, and optimum results. In other words, their reputation is earned—not manufactured.

George Abdella

My father Ernest Abdella was among the best known and most skillful trial lawyers in the State of New York. He founded our practice in 1937 and worked continuously until his death in 2006.

I worked with him in the law office from the age of 16; the experience of going to Court with him and observing him along with the other trial lawyers of the time was the best education any trial lawyer could receive.

I graduated from Hobart College in Gencva, NY and received my Juris Doctor from Albany Law School in 1969. Since then I tried cases in Federal Court and all New York State Courts. I have argued cases in the Appellate Divisions and our state's highest Court, The Court of Appeals.

Few lawyers have had the trial experience I have had over the years. My trial and negotiating experience puts me in a unique position to deal with insurance companies on behalf of injured people. The insurance company must know that you are prepared to go to Court to obtain a just resolution for your clients.

In these days when reputations are manufactured on television, our office has actually earned its reputation for excellence.

In 2000 my father and I welcomed my son, Robert into the practice. I am proud to say that he has carried on the tradition of excellence and high standards which can only come from natural ability, hard work and compassion for people who need advice and counseling.

Robert Abdella

I graduated from Johnstown High School in 1993. During high school, I was the captain of the football, basketball and baseball teams. I then went on to Syracuse University where I majored in political science and graduated in 1997. After college, I went to Albany Law School and graduated in 2000. In 2003 I married my wonderful wife Erica, and we now have two children, George and Cameron.

As a 3rd generation attorney I have certainly benefited from the experiences and wisdom of my father and grandfather, but I have worked very hard to carve out my own name in this profession. I now have 14+ years of experience representing injured plaintiffs and representing criminal defendants. My focus has been and remains on handling personal injury and criminal defense cases.

We understand that there is a lot of competition when it comes to getting personal injury cases. Advertising is powerful and it saturates the television. It can lead to an impression that skews reality, but the reality is that if you or a loved one has been in a car accident or have been seriously injured through the fault of another, there is no one more capable of handling your case than my father and I. We have earned our reputation - not manufactured it on television.
In 2012, I achieved a 1.1 million dollar verdict in Fulton County Supreme Court. Most recently, I have settled cases for 3 million; 2 million; $950,000; $930,000 and $900,000. I have settled countless car accident cases achieving very favorable results for many badly injured clients, and I have been fortunate enough to have achieved several favorable jury verdicts including plaintiff's verdicts for victims of medical malpractice and car accidents. I am also a member of the American Association of Justice which is a national bar association solely consisting of trial lawyers dedicated to representing injured plaintiff's and representing defendant's in criminal cases.

In addition to representing clients injured in car accidents, I have spent my career developing an expertise in representing clients injured as a result of construction accidents, products liability and medical malpractice. These areas of law are somewhat more complex than car accident litigation, and we have posted some basic information about these sub-specialties of personal injury practice separately on this website. Our firm is now representing four clients involved in federal multi-district litigation who were damaged as a result of metal on metal hip implants, and three women damaged as a result of defective pelvic mesh implants, also in federal court multi-district litigation. I have represented plaintiffs in products liability cases against Johnson and Johnson, Chrysler, DePuy Orthopedics, Ethicon and several other major manufacturers. Within the last few years, we have achieved several favorable medical malpractice settlements for our clients. We have also had great recent success in being able to settle several large construction accident cases. If you have been injured as a result of medical malpractice, a defective product or in a construction accident, and you are looking for an attorney, I have a proven track record in these arenas.
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