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Without the right attorney, your medical malpractice case is over before it ever gets started. These cases are their own animal, as the medical malpractice insurance companies often will not settle out of court, and the very best insurance defense attorneys are routinely found in the medical malpractice arena.
If the attorney you choose doesn't have a firm grasp of how to handle the case, as well as the resources, access to experts and ability to take the case to trial, the defense attorneys and the big insurance companies backing these attorneys won't hesitate to take advantage.

Attorney Robert Abdella has now taken the lead for the law firm when it comes to major malpractice litigation. In bringing to conclusion several major malpractice cases within the last years, we believe it's safe to say that he has earned the respect of the best defense attorneys in this arena. Bob has developed an expertise in reviewing medical records and exploring the relevant science of the case in consultation with experts. He has also deposed and cross-examined many very bright doctors from local doctors and doctors in the capital region to doctors flown in to testify from Ivy League schools and medical colleges.

We have attached a link to a transcript of a recent trial cross-examination of a doctor by Bob as we think it gives an idea of his aptitude in this line of work. The transcript has been partially redacted as the case has settled and there is a confidentiality agreement.
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Understand that just like you we admire doctors and appreciate their service to our society. Most doctors are very contentious in their practice of medicine and care a great deal about their patients. Sometimes even very good doctors with good intentions make mistakes or have bad days. We only represent people who have had their life significantly and usually permanently altered as a result of mal-practice, and that is only after thoroughly researching the records, thoroughly researching the science and consulting with a qualified expert who is of the opinion that mal-practice was committed. While we do have this screening process in place, the unfortunate reality is that there are many examples of serious medical negligence, and if indeed that has happened to you or a loved one, please feel free to call. The consultation is free. We are well schooled and experienced in this area of law.
Call us at (518) 725-9717 if you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice. The consultation is free.